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Vuelo nocturno – The magic of flying at night - Beyond The Clouds - An Airline pilot's journey

Guido has inherited the family business, a bakery in Florence, which he runs with his wife. Unlike his father, who took pride in giving customers his best, Guido scrimps on ingredients and mixes day-old cookies with fresh ones rather than cut their price. Soon poverty dogs the young couple, until Guido brings home an ornately carved bed. To their amazement, the bed flies, transporting them to a master baker, who gives them a little bag of special yeast. The bakery flourishes until Guido sells so Guido has inherited the family business, a bakery in Florence, which he runs with his wife. The bakery flourishes until Guido sells some of the yeast, and their troubles begin again.

The long story is well constructed and gracefully told, and Thompson contributes a series of fine paintings, including some haunting cityscapes and several scenes of the ornately carved bed flying over the city and the countryside. Though the length of the text may limit audience appeal, this unusual picture book neatly melds magic with soft-edged realism.

Children ages 9 and up could possibly read this book independently but might not have an interest in it. Perhaps older students would enjoy the lesson of this story, which is not necessarily obvious. Perhaps children could understand the idea of greed, if it were part of a discussion. The illustrations of Florence, Italy are detailed and the drawings of the characters are very realistic.

Feb 04, Katie Adee rated it it was ok Shelves: childrens , read-in , short-stories , picture-book. I was very disappointed in this book. I picked it up as an example of picture books for slightly more advanced readers as I would like to venture into this genre. My boyfriend and I read this together. We are both college-educated him in early education, me in English literature and writing and enjoyed the idea of a flying bed.

Stolen Child

Very imaginative. And then, the last two pages happened and we lost the story completely. I reread the last two pages, certain I'd missed something. Now, maybe I don't h I was very disappointed in this book. Now, maybe I don't have a good enough imagination to understand why the bed blessed Maria with apples for the bakery's customers that tasted like Easter bread.

Travel latest

And maybe I'm too inflexible in my imagination to understand the significance of finding the bakery and asking the oldest daughter to open the cabinet, the middle daughter to give me a sip of cider from the goblet, and to buy a candle from the youngest daughter that is lit by the lantern goblet and lantern gifts from bed and how that means the author has written the story by starlight. Plus, Guido's story is completely unresolved even though he started out as the main character.

Maybe with a teacher's guidance--and a cheat sheet from the author! It's not something I would want to read again and again, and once might have been too much. Jun 27, george rated it it was ok Shelves: read-in , picture-books. Guido is a poor baker in Florence. His father, a wildly successful baker, passed the shop down to Guido; but Guido cannot bake like his father.

The Flying Bed

Things get worse every day and Guido cannot even afford to buy a winter coat. He slowly sells off funiture, including the bed.

Tomska - Magical Dream Bed - Scrap'd Vs Reboot

His wife, Maria, has had enough. She works hard all day long and must have a bed. She insists that Guido replace the bed. Guido cannot believe his luck when he discovers a bed shop with the most beautiful bed ever--and the shopke Guido is a poor baker in Florence. Guido cannot believe his luck when he discovers a bed shop with the most beautiful bed ever--and the shopkeeper gives it to him for free! But this bed is special and quite mysterious--what will happen to Guido and Maria when they fly through the air on their bed?

I really wanted to like this.

Magic flying bed in hotel

But I really didn't.